Follow finally has a password reset page. That's one of those small things that you just put off because it's annoying to juggle all the email templates and such.

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@dave 'Uge apologies in advance as I am sure this has been answered 100+ times, but how does one get a feed listed in the index so I can sign-up with My feed is super unconventional (of course!) 'cause it's video on a PeerTube instance (ANA).

@jennifer @adam Will check it out when I get to the office. It’s already in the index. Might be an email mismatch.

@jennifer @adam There is no owner email in that feed. @agates are you going to put either the itunes owner email tag or the podcast:locked tag in those feeds? Either one will work to allow owner verification.

@jennifer @agates Jennifer, I went ahead and added your email to that feed in the index since I know you own it. You should have a verification email coming to you now.

@jennifer @dave yeah I'm still working on all of that... dave what will podcaster wallet do when I add native value tags?

@agates @jennifer Podcasterwallet is not necessary at that point. If they value tags are already in there, the index will just pick them up and override whatever the wallet did. The feed XML always wins.

@dave @jennifer Perfect! I have a lot of tags to add, and have been trying to test the feed before it gets popular hahahah

@agates No pressure from me on this value stuff. I just want to learn what it's all about and I know what you're doing is a passion project. :) I'm just former Montessori and have to do to learn.

@jennifer @agates My wife teaches at a Charlotte Mason school. Different than Montessori, but similar DNA.

@dave @jennifer I have to admit I don't know either of those things LOL

@jennifer yeah it's all good, my plan is to ask for 5% as a video host so we don't get overwhelmed under the burden of popularity when ANA gets famous

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