I have added initial support for location tags in my RSS feed. There are only 4 tags, as not every episode is about a location.



@davekeeshan Nice! I'm way behind on getting location support into the index aggregator. This is a good kick in the pants for me to do that.

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@dave Sorry, I am not looking to make work for anyone, but I am super keen to see this tag get supported. So a journey of a thousand steps yada, yada, yada 😉

@dave While you're at it, put in support for person tag also 😁. Or is it there already 🤔


@dave @davekeeshan Oh cool 👍. I think that is missing from the docs. Or I might also be blind 🙈 . Is it supported on channel level also?

@dave @davekeeshan
So am I right if I claim that the index only supports person-tags in items/episodes and not in the channel/podcast? Or am I missing something again? 😅
For example PodNews has channel person, but I don't see one in the api:
(Disclaimer: not trying to bug you. Just figuring out what's available 😇 )

@davekeeshan @dave
Yeah you need the api keys and the headers set up to read the api. If you have the read keys, you can try this out
If you don't have keys you can request them at podcastindex.org

@ville @dave cheers, I thought that link was supposed to work without keys, my bad!

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