A topic I'd like to bring up in Saturday's Podcasting 2.0 meeting: what are best practices for handling tiny boost transactions?

For example:

You are boosting a value of 100 sats for a podcast. If you're boosting No Agenda, the current splits are:


Which adds up to 101, so the values would end up being split as:


Since we can't send a fraction of a sat, what should we do with the remainders?

Also, should we even send a micro-transaction below 10 sats?

We're having a hard time finding a clean solution for this problem. It seems like any direction we choose in has significant trade-offs. Would love to share more info and get feedback from the community on the approach we're thinking of using.

@brianoflondon I think the problem we are running into makes a case for the type of transaction service you're proposing.

@mitch I set my new node up at home and put it in my feed.

I can't get a single sat to arrive by listening to my own show. Very hard to know why.

I think the rounding problem is also very real and minute by minute streaming is not going to be practical.

@brianoflondon is this your RSS feed? I was going to try sending a boost to you, but don't see a <podcast:value> tag in the feed.


@brianoflondon just sent a boost to your experimental feed. It appears it succeeded?

There was an issue I had to debug though. The split value in your valueRecipients was a string value ("70.00"), and our logic was setup to handle it as a number, resulting in NAN when attempting to calculate with the split value. I've updated our logic to assume the split will be a number OR a string, and to run parseFloat on it in case it's a string. Maybe that is the problem other players are having?

@mitch @brianoflondon Are you pulling the value blocks from us Mitch? If so, I need to put in some code to normalize all of those to be floats instead of strings.

@dave @brianoflondon we’re pulling from both the RSS and PI, so it depends if Brian is using podcasterwallet.com or not I guess. If not found in the RSS, we query PI for a value tag. (I’m not by the computer to confirm this myself)


@mitch @brianoflondon Ok, I see that we are returning some string values. I'll fix that.

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