@dave @satoshisstream can you tell me what the encoding is in this record? or where it's documented?

"custom_records": {
"7629169": "7b22616374696f6e223a2273747265616d222c226170705f6e616d65223a22506f64667269656e64222c22706f6463617374223a22427269616e6f664c6f6e646f6e2773204558504552494d454e54414c20464f52455354204348415453222c2275726c223a2268747470733a5c2f5c2f7777772e627269616e6f666c6f6e646f6e2e6d655c2f706f6463617374325c2f627269616e732d666f72657374....

@brianoflondon @dave @satoshisstream "{"action":"stream","app_name":"Podfriend","podcast":"BrianofLondon's EXPERIMENTAL FOREST CHATS","url":"https:\/\/www.brianoflondon.me\/podcast2\/brians-forest .."

@cisene @dave @satoshisstream I wouldn't have done too well at Bletchley Park not spotting that would I! 🤣

@brianoflondon @dave @satoshisstream I have some solutions at work similar to that, hex-encode everything to simplify transport .. let destination handle decode .. as they mix ISO-8859-2 and UTF-8 ..

@cisene @dave @satoshisstream and @adam this comes directly from a command line dump on my node 🙂

It is freaking cool.... from podfriend direct to my node.

And I'm even running my code via VSCode direct on the little Pi.


@brianoflondon @cisene @satoshisstream @adam Very, very cool. Seeing stuff like this with programmable money makes you realize how far behind the rest of the industry is. Is it hard? Yes. Does it break? Yes. Is it the future? Absolutely.

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