First time I've ever seen this number over 100k

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@steven I'm running dedup scripts now. That number is going to come down some.

How much it comes down is hard to say. We know there are well over 2 million podcasts now in AP and other directories.

We also know that there is confirmation from some hosting companies that many of their feeds aren't in Apple Podcasts. As much as 50% of their catalog.

So, I'm going to guess that 3 million+ feeds is reasonable. What the true number is, who knows.

@steven Looking at those in the DB, 4 of them are clone feeds from Anchor. I'll mark them as "dead" (which removes them from the stats) because it's a scam, but they are still actual podcast feeds that exist. So, not entirely wrong in the counting.

@steven I guess I'm saying that I'm starting to feel more comfortable that these numbers are accurate. I was worried about the huge numbers at first also. But, once you start adding up the feed counts from the various platforms, and then consider non-US feed sources the math starts to make more sense.

@steven Anchor is a total dumpster fire though. There are legitimately over a million podcasts on that platform that shouldn't exist.

@dave Thanks for making the update. I saw that 3 of them were anchor re-hosts and 1 was speaker. I don't know what we should do about Anchor.

@adam @steven Yeah it’s sort of two different issues. Accidental duplicates like happened with Horowitz and clone feeds like happens with Anchor. I think the phase 1 deduper would have squashed all of the Horowitz feeds. The phase 2 would have gotten the other ones. There’s another class of clone that I’m not sure how to script for though. Ones that clone and then intentionally use slightly different titles and meta-data.

@dave Should we update the placeholder values to be closer to the real values? Right now you quickly see a splash of 1 million+ items.

I can create a pull request if you want.

@dave I created a PR for the stats issue and one to fix json validation issues.

@steven Thanks for that. I saw the JSON validator issue and just didn't have time to dig into that.

I can send you big sats now! It works!

@steven Lol. That’s what I’m here for a Steven - to bankroll podcasting 2.0 $10 at a time. I’m like a really poor angel investor. 😂

@dave Does „shows“ reference to episodes or new podcasts?

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