@agates @markhallfilm @adam Documentaries2.0/KillingEd has a value block now:

I boosted some sats to it with Podfriend. Seeing any sats come in Mark?

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@dave @markhallfilm @adam

Can you add my node as a 5% host split? I intend to add all this natively to the RSS but my priorities have been elsewhere and i don't want this getting popular with everyone unnecessarily downloading 1080p videos

@dave @markhallfilm @adam


@dave @markhallfilm @adam

Can you keep 16:9 images from stretching to a square in the podcast index episode list? :)

@agates @dave @markhallfilm @adam in this case I think it's enough to change "width: 140px;" to "max-width: 140px;"

@agates @dave @markhallfilm @adam

I tried to do this with Podfriend.

It's a bit of an annoying problem because there's a lot of podcasts out there that have weird sizes for their images, which makes it look a bit weird if not made into a square...

I value consistency in my lists! But I might give it another shot soon.

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