Well, well. This is going to kill BitRefill on mobile apps:

"Regarding in-app purchases, the company stresses that digital gift cards must be sold exclusively through the App Store’s in-app purchases system. Only physical gift cards can be sold outside the App Store without paying the 30% commission to Apple."

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@dave I wonder if my Starbucks card (which I haven’t been refilling much since the plandemic) qualifies under this rule. 🤔

@phoneboy Good question. I wonder if they've fully thought this through.

@dave by being so fucking greedy Apple is digging their own grave. Devs and merchants will go and never come back – which is a good thing for everyone working on a truly decentralized future :)

@d11n Agreed. They must be completely tone deaf. Or, maybe just raw hubris. How do you do a thing like that in the face of an already huge amount of criticism about App Store anti-competitive behavior and predatory pricing?

@dave @d11n If this prohibits bitrefill integration into wallets with WebLN, users can just scan a qr code from the website. Not horrible, just an extra step.

@dave Apple are losing the plot. It just drives people off native iOS apps to the Web directly or other platforms like Android. There is no upside for them in the long term.

@chidgey Yeah, I'm getting so close to jumping ship over to Android. I really love the iOS interface. But, I feel like I'm lending my tacit approval to their selfish decision making by continuing to be a user. [sigh]

The @overcast blog post laid it out pretty succinctly. They don't give a shit about developers anymore.

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