: Formalizing alternateEnclosure tomorrow. That’s a big one. It will take a while and need review for sure.

@dave I'm curious if @StevenB has any comments since he seems to be the first to work with it on the client side

@agates @dave
Everything looks good. RSS parser finds everything, easy to parse through arrays, it's working on my new branch, just need to tweak some UI and controls. My only gripe is using uri instead of url. Since there's already enclosureURL, I think this should be URL for consistency.

@StevenB @agates I’ll write it up as is. If that needs to change just tell me. I’ll let you make that decision Alecks. I’m ambivalent on most naming issues.

@dave @StevenB

It suports non-http URIs like magnet links so i say leave it

@dave @StevenB and technically some of the IPFS/IPNS stuff are URIs too, without the http gateways

@agates @dave I didn't even know there was a difference between a uri and url. Just looked it up. Your suggestion makes sense.

@dave @agates It definitely works as is. Alecks knows way more about all of this stuff than I do, so I'd go with his recommendations.

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