@satoshisstream Has any standard developed around how, as a listener, I can send my identity with a boost payment? This has been a requested feature for a while. If I'm listening to a podcast and want to send a boost donation, I'd want to include a message and maybe my identity, like:


I'm also thinking that, for each podcast, a user could choose an optional "nickname" for that podcast, where the "nick" field would be populated with every keysend payment. That way, a listener could have unique identities for each podcast they are supporting to increase privacy.

If they want to be anonymous, they just leave it default blank.

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@satoshisstream Any chance we can add that field to the 7629169 record spec?

@dave _identifier is a static value for a sender (listener), up to the application to use a per-feed or podcast-wide identifier. In the future, identifier+signature can be sent as a header, and websites (podcast hosts) can serve different files._

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