@jamescridland @chidgey Does it make sense for me to be running a node in Australia? Will there ever be enough traffic coming from that region, or does everyone host in the US or EU?

@dave @jamescridland Whilst I personally appreciate the love shown by spinning up a virtual server on my home soil, from an engineering perspective, it’s unlikely that the amount of traffic sourced within Australia’s physical borders would ever be more than 5% of the global total of podcast files hosted, and even less downloaded. If we’re talking about resiliency there are probably other options that follow higher bandwidth backhaul routes in other parts of the world than traversing the handful of undersea cables we have coming/going from us.

@chidgey @dave I'd agree with John. Hosting costs here are higher than normal (partially because Telstra refuses peering agreements), so I suspect most host overseas.


@jamescridland @chidgey Thanks guys. I’ll probably move the Aussie node to West Coast US.

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