If you thought @Castopod was a « Cheval de Troie » to bring ActivityPub to Podcasting, you were fooled: its final purpose is to make le French the official language for Podcasting!
(Le evil laugh 😈 )

@benjaminbellamy @Castopod It's a good thing I'm learning French then. Duolingo is helping! My wife and I spend time with it each night. It's been fun.

Je suis Dave et je parle anglais et diminue francais

Trop cool ! Bienvenue dans le monde francophone. Et bon courage !

(Guess you don't speak less & less French but meant 'un peu' - a little.)


@keunes Oui! Merci beaucoup! Je parle francais pas tres bien.

I wouldn’t even say a little at this point. I’m probably worse than a French toddler. 😅 Duolingo is the bomb though.

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