@brianoflondon Can you link the issue for me? I can’t seem to find it.

@dave I'm still hazy on rss terminology so check it. I have a podping tag in all 3speak rss feeds.

@brianoflondon @dave

I just want to point out that "podpingAuth" isn't as simple as people in that issue seem to think.

In order to know what accounts would be "authorized," one would first have to parse the feed. In order to be in any way efficient about it you'd have to store the authorized accounts.

In this way it's not an authorization mechanism. More-so it's hint to an aggregator for efficient updates (and a denial of service mitigation feature).

I would simply call it "hiveAccount"

@brianoflondon @dave

Then if we, for whatever theoretical reason, move to some other podping mechanism in the future it wont be confused with Hive accounts.

Call it what it is :). Not what someone intends to use it for.

@agates @dave I think the Auth thing in the feed isn't useful or necessary.

Just a flag we're on Podping.

@brianoflondon @dave

On the contrary I think it has a place -- it would allow Dave and other aggregators to check if a podping was sent by a listed user and only pull it if so.

It's just another spam prevention mechanism on top of the list of followed users. Benefits both the index and hosts, even though it would be another column or table to store the account names.

@agates @dave I'll think through the logic flow probably in a github issue later

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