@RyanHirsch I have zero design skills. It's like giving a beautiful set of brushes and pallets to a kindergartener. 😞

@dave Everything about JavaScript and front-ends is truly a train wreck. TypeScript, Vue, React, and the monstrosities of all frameworks make it tolerable, but it's still Rube Goldberg all the way down to the bare metal.

If Mozilla had successfully gotten Java (Applets) to work in the browser (which they did try) none of this mess including JavaScript itself, would even exist today.

@wclayf I think I would actually enjoy writing Java in the browser. It doesn't sound so bad.

@dave Your front end work has served me well for over a decade. Your UX every day.

@dave Looking good. Don't forget a radio or checkbox for Fee, and two optional inputs for customKey and customValue.

@StevenB 👍 👍 Will do. Thanks buddy.

So much to cram into a small space. The padding and margins feel really critical.

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