@dave @benjaminbellamy I’ll wait until it’s formalised before I change it I think.

@dave @benjaminbellamy Can you put some more info in the doc as to why platform vs protocol is necessary? I don't understand why platform="castopod" is useful in the spec.

Just like rss, the protocol is the most important thing to allow clients without pre-knowledge of specific platforms.

Also platform="twitter" and protocol="twitter" is weird.

@js @dave @benjaminbellamy

My two cents: It helps differentiate between implementation quirks different platforms have of their protocols. Things that should be standard but are done wrong. Just like in RSS.

@js @dave The app needs to know what is the social app behind that protocol:
""Mastodon", "Castopod", "Peertube", "PixelFed", "Pleroma"… Althought they all use "actyvitypub", the UX can be totally different.

@benjaminbellamy @agates @yassinedoghri @dave It sounds like you guys have already done a bunch of thinking on this - can you put it in the social.md spec so everyone can understand the rationale?

Let's say I'm a podcast app, displaying comments, I'm not sure why "the UX can be totally different" depending on the platform. Do we expect every app to hardcode specific user interface for "castopod"? Or allow specific deviations from the AP spec? Doesn't seem like a recipe for sanity

@agates @benjaminbellamy @js I think it would. Just assume full compliance unless platform is given.

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