Any plans to add <podcast:socialInteract> to the items returned from the index?

@StevenB As soon as it’s final for sure. Do you need it before then? I’m a little nervous at this point. I think it can change some. Would hate to commit a sql schema to it.

@dave I don't need it right now. I was going to mess around with comments and didn't want to parse the RSS myself.


@StevenB I need a better way to handle this so I can pass new stuff through without needing a schema.

Maybe have an experimental array in the parser, and any of the tags in the array flags an <experimental> boolean as true. If <experimental> is true, the feed is uploaded to the main index, and a second experimental index with the experimental tags.

The feed in the main index has a new column called <experimental>, and can be flagged as true/false. If the main index returns a feed with <experimental> flagged as true, it indicates that the app needs to query the experimental index to get the data for the experimental tags.

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