We now have transcripts (thanks Dreb), we have cross-app comments, we have lightning bitcoin payments (value4value4ever). Podcasting 2.0 got us living in the future. @funfactfriday @Drebscott @dave @adam

@csb @Medus otter.ai. Not as cool as cooking.ai, but still cool, nonetheless.


@Drebscott @csb @Medus They also don't have Gregory William Forsyth Foreman.

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you laugh but although now he is just 4-pub owner, previously he was real actor with 14 credits in IMDB: imdb.com/name/nm2337058/ and web page at fandom: holby.fandom.com/wiki/Gregory_ .

BTW: thanks for freebie mention of AI dot cooking on episode 81, I will resume boostagramming next time AC is back from vacay

@Drebscott @Medus

@csb @dave @Drebscott @Medus We appreciate you CSB, you are a colorful part of the Podcasting 2.0 story

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