@dave Nice! Storyline is easy to follow and it hits all of the main points. Very accessable.

Only thing I'd add would be a link to newpodcastapps.com to show the list of those early adopter apps?

@dave @mikeneumann great read Dave this is going to be really helpful to share around. Love the way that you've told the story through the listener.

Is it still in draft or ready to share?

@merryoscar @mikeneumann Ready to share. Just need to add that link mike mentioned. Will do that in about an hour when I get to my desk.

@dave Great article Dave! It paints a great picture of what PC 2.0 is trying to do.

I did notice that Joy is using her phone a lot while driving but I'll just assume its a self driving car.

@ChadF Lol. I noticed that too. She’s a millennial, so 🤷🏻‍♂️

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