After much inner turmoil trying to find a host, I decided to stick with Micro.Blog. I have the ability to manipulate the RSS tags after inquiring and I don't have to redo my blog or anything, it should all integrate nicely.


@nixer Interesting. will host your enclosures also?

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@dave excuse my ignorance, but I’m not 100% sure what enclosures are? I tried to look it up but still I’m a little unclear on what your asking.

@nixer My apologies! The enclosure is the sound file referenced from the feed.

@dave Yes, they host the file itself, they do have a 45MB file size limit. But there is no download limit. It's a very simple setup, but should work. Also I can back up the entire thing in github, which is built into microblog. Here is their little podcast info page.

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