First the leaderboard stuff needs to be in there. Then I'll work on what @jamescridland wants with showing stream totals in a better way.

Hmm. This leaderboard needs to be per podcast. Forgot about that.

@dave This is looking great. Are those totals *everything* or just boosts?

Currently, I could listen sending 5000 sats a minute as streaming sats and I don't think any podcaster would notice... that's the place I'd like to get to, so we're rewarding for LISTENING, not just rewarding for sending feedback. I *love* feedback, don't get me wrong...

@jamescridland Yes that’s everything (not just boosts). I’m going to wrap a bit of UI around it, but the endpoint is CORS so you can call it from somewhere else if you want and get the data for parsing.

@dave @jamescridland

When you say an endpoint, are you talking about the ability to send a third party request for the data so someone can build their own thing to display the data?

@StevenB @jamescridland Yes, that's right. You can call Helipad's api endpoints directly now.

@dave @StevenB Does the new Umbrel infrastructure put everything behind a login wall? It looks like it. Does that impede access to the endpoint?

@jamescridland @StevenB I'm not really sure. I've yet to upgrade to 0.5. It's on my to-do list shortly. I heard that @ChrisLAS already upgraded. Maybe he can give input.

@dave @StevenB @ChrisLAS I have, hence the question. And the answer is... it's captured by Umbrel's security.

@jamescridland @dave @StevenB @ChrisLAS

Umbrel will eventually become a walled garden run by silicon valley.

Only people who can run their own kubernetes cluster on their Raspberry Pi has any hope.

@unabomber @ChrisLAS @StevenB @dave The hardware can run anything I want it to. Currently, that's Umbrel. But I'm not beholden to anyone.

@dave @StevenB @jamescridland How much is Helipad? Could you purchase it in Europe? I want the IRC sounds implemented! ;)

@Lyceum @dave @StevenB Helipad is free software. Works well on an Umbrel, which is also free software (but you need to buy the hardware, which I gather is hard at present because of silicon shortages).


If you listen to my podcast and stream 5000 sats a minute I pormise I'll notice!!

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