Podcasting 2.0 comments thread for episode 98. It’s show time!! 🎉🍻🎙🔥

@dave ah my mistake, that's cleanfeed!!! Of course you aren't running helipad....silly me! I got all excited for a second

@dave Love hearing all the Boostagrams from Podverse! 🎉🎉🎉

@csb I created that one ages ago and it was banned as a bot. I just appealed and got it back. I'm devoting very little time to it.

@brianoflondon still it’s good to have as for some people twitter is the only social they use

@brianoflondon @dave @kingonly
The LNURL Mafia (as they call themselves) haven't even read for 5 minutes about the immediate value 4 value exchange with keysend.

They are scrounging for "tips" and are being quite the assholes about it.

@adam @kingonly @dave what's the rough rate at which the PodcastIndex node receives keysend? I'm guessing you can see 100+ a minute at times all around 1 or 2 sats.

If I wrote a script to do that via a lightning address it would look like a DOS attack.

@brianoflondon @dave @adam pending htlcs, there's no timeframe. I'm communicating with the mafia offline to explain the problems with the extra roundtrips of lnurl.

@dave @adam @kingonly I'm now curious how many lnurl transactions my self built FastAPI code running on a $10 vps could actually handle. I may test it next week.

I'm guessing it wouldn't be many.

@kingonly copy that. I only just learned that number while reading about channel jamming.


but Lightning nodes don’t use DDoS Network Protections so it shouldn’t be a problem?

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