Thinking about the music analysis strategy:

- One hosting platform at a time, in batches, starting with Soundcloud

- Only feeds that use the music category tag

- Exclude Anchor because they don't allow music anyway

- Only analyze enclosures with durations less than 20 minutes because songs are hardly ever that long

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@dave what is it again you are using to analyze the enclosure?

@Lehmancreations This is what I’m tinkering with now: …but there are quite a few on GitHub. Mostly Python, which stinks for me, but I’ll adapt I guess.

I don’t currently put the duration of the most recent enclosure in the massive dump. That’ll really be necessary for properly filtering which enclosures to analyze. Schema change ahead.

@adam That’s part of the ML package I’m using. I’m way too lazy for that. 😊

@dave 20 minutes? Mike Oldfield wants his Tubular Bells back.

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