A <podcast:adaptive> tag to reference a SMIL file seems easy enough. That would tie things back to RSS in a concrete way.

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@dave @cubicgarden This is where alternateEnclosure works, surely? An MP3 file for apps that don't understand it, and then a zip file with the SMIL file and audio files for those that do?

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It would be great to see BBC publish their feeds with Alt-enclosures. I'm sure there's a form for that request.

@jamescridland @cubicgarden The assets and SMIL come bundled together then? Hmm. Ian, is the use of a zip file a choice you made because you think it’s an ideal one or because it just fit what you needed at the moment? Trying to get a full understanding so we can think about the best way to support. Alternate enclosure is certainly an option. But I don’t want to short change it if there’s a more robust way to do it syntactically. I’m thinking as an aggregator, not just an app.

@dave @jamescridland

The zip file is for ease for creators, we considered tar as I'm a linux person.
There is no reason why it couldn't be a .zip file renamed as something like .xaa but currently the implimentation is limited to .zip.

Would love to talk this all through properly as there is much more.

Currently documenting stuff here -

@cubicgarden @jamescridland Ah! Docs would be great. The way we do things is in “phases”. So I’ll put this tag into phase 6 when I open it up next week. Then there will be a long comment period where we can hash out all the details and see about feasibility. It will be assigned a PiMP number (Podcast Improvement Proposal) where the discussions and proposal docs can live.

@dave @jamescridland

If any of you are involved with the EBU? Could get access to the source code.

If not, there might be something we could do but it would involve legal agreements (sorry) till Sept 2023. But it might be worth it to take the concept further.

York have implimented Narrative importance in AP -

@jamescridland @dave
To be fair alternative with a different mime type might be enough? But also give scope for other alternatives?

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