Breaking in the new podcast bunker tonight. Now with fresh paint AND an actual desk!

Ready for paint. Bucket desk life is almost over. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Ok, got an Umbrel set up so I can have something to test with when building the boostagram app for the Umbrel app store:

Episode level value blocks are returned in the API now. The only feed that has them currently is:

I've been working with GiGi on getting this up and running.

Here's a perfect example of why deduplication is so difficult. Both of these feeds have the latest identical episode on two different platforms. Both have the same cover art. Both have valid itunes id's returning their respective feedUrl in an itunes api lookup.

I mean, what am I supposed to do here? [headshake]

Interesting. Both are valid itunes id's, but they appear to be the exact same feed with two urls:

@brianoflondon I continue to be plagued by this error at least once a day. Is there any way to trap it and have the script just reset and keep trying? I don't want to build some complicated file touch time tracker and have other scripts watching it to trigger a restart. Just seems unnecessary if the Beem library or the hive-watcher script itself can just not bomb out after 5 tries.

When someone sends a boostagram this is what I get in email:

@brianoflondon Is there a new version of the simplewatcher for podping? This keeps happening from time to time and I have to restart:

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