@Lehmancreations @Todd_Blubrry Andy, Looks like something weird going on with the value block in the NMS feed:


Looks like it's nesting a block inside another block.

First person to correctly identify this cable wins. I’m digging around for an old cable and finding lots of stuff I’d forgotten about.

Kids, this is why we never blindly unwrap an Optional on user supplied content. 🤦‍♂️

Never seen this before on a youtube video. Found it linked from an anchor feed.

@mitch Have you seen this issue with Podverse? A podcast you try to resume shows this warning icon on the play button. It can be fixed by playing another show and then switching back to the original show and resuming.

This just popped up on my Signal. This is a great example of what I’m talking about when I keep saying that podcast apps should give more subscription options to their users. Totally voluntary and gives plenty of options for people feeling generous.

This is the canonical BBQ sauce for the collard greens recipe, but you can sub if you're poor:

I'm seeing this constantly in the podcastindex.org website logs:

It's the same podcast being checked every time. Is Datadog some kind of pingdom thing?

Open Chrome, type in "audible", this is the hint that comes up:

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