Does anyone want to guess what exact time @podstation released lightning support? lol!

Let's just hope they don't drop dynamic ads for these in between verses. 🙂

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This is progress. Got rails installed on the M1 and created my first app. I have no idea what any of those commands did, and why it needed node.js, but it worked!

@mitch Hey Mitch, I'm trying to sign up for an account and getting this:

Making progress on <podcast:person>. Got the table built and relations set up.

@Castopod Are you going to put tags in your normal test feed first like usual?

@jamescridland That pipe character in the Podland title doesn't read well in certain fonts.


@drunkplato I tried to deploy the new code but got an error. Going to try again on a clean folder instead of pull origin into the existing one.

Updated the "recent/soundbites" endpoint return to include more data about the source feed/episode as requested by @dellagustin:

@hypercatcher Hey David, did you get the html tags in descriptions bug report yet? I can’t remember.

Ok, you can see what the "value" block looks like as returned by the index here:

You can see the various splits listed. The podcast creator puts this information in their feed, and then apps will read that info and know where to send the digital currency as the episode is being played.

I will be adding the XML tag proposal that backs this to the namespace phase 2 today so everyone can see what it looks like.

Ask questions if you have any.

This is beautiful. The GitHub namespace project popped up in a webview on @hypercatcher when the chapter marker hit on today’s episode. This is the future. 🚀

@jamescridland I'm reading:

Since I can see the user agent of the requesting app at call time on our side, what if I just tack this info on to the end of the enclosure url for the API results coming from us.

See attached. This is the Podnews user agent urlencoded as a query string param.

This obviously only helps for those apps pulling episode data from us.

I was listening to BuzzCast last night and seeing the chapters advance as if they were slides in a presentation. Add some images or other rich content and that is a futuristic experience.

@tomrossi7 Hey Tom, I'm seeing some blank funding URL's coming through. Just FYI in case that's a bug.

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