This syntax is cool. Feels Swifty, but even more compact. And, you can really see the assignment happening because of the lack of line terminators within the blocks. I like it.

Man, the Rust compiler is super helpful. It holds your hand so much. It's almost REPL-like in it's approach to advising changes.

I stared at this line of code for at least 5 minutes before it dawned on my why the if() was always true. I need more coffee.

Anyone have a tech contact at LibriVox? I'd love to get them to fix their RSS date issue:

I think I finally have a working query for pulling the latest episode out of the episodes table along with the feed dump. MySQL 8 has support for windowing, which is the magic sauce I was needing:

Wow, so I installed the latest MacOS update on the M1 and when it rebooted the monitor did this. 😳

I have a SQL problem to work out if anyone has some advice. Clearly the podcast feeds are in one table and the episodes are in another table. What I want is to SELECT all the feeds from the podcasts table, but also JOIN the most recent episode's enclosure url from the episodes table. It would be something along these lines:

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