@theDanielJLewis It meets my needs. It’s the only one I’ve ever used. Seems to always work well. I’ve never seen it screw up or crash. I’m not sure if it ever gets updated. The UI hasn’t changed in forever.

@WClayFerguson I don’t think it was me. At least I hope it wasn’t. 😂

@theDanielJLewis Well, to be fair I wouldn’t want that crap on my server either. I’ve never been on Parler or Gab or any of those, but I bet there are some serious nut jobs on there. Moderation would be a nightmare. The far left and far right both have some wackos for sure.

@hypercatcher Yeah it’s real straightforward. I don’t think anyone will have trouble with it. I have some sample code I was using that I’ll post.

@theDanielJLewis @Lehmancreations Ok, so maybe not "easy" easy. But, at least it's not oAuth or SAML. 😉

@cisene @419monk @martin Just searched and didn't find any in the index. It's a neat idea. Bad execution. It would make more sense as an app than a service I think.

@martin @419monk @adamportrais This is the best explanation of the problem I've read in a long time.

@419monk How fast were you refreshing? The episode count is a table estimate, so it will change slower than the others. The others are real-time, so they should be changing every so often. Just depends on what's happening.

@jamescridland @theDanielJLewis Tell me if yall need more stats. Eventually, this is where the namespace stats will live too - if I can ever get some real coding time to finish it. [Sigh]

@adam @brianoflondon @jamescridland As people make changes, I occasionally push the new code to the site. That's about it. 🙂 @drunkplato jumps into the Github and moderates PR's sometimes if it's something too React'ish that I wouldn't understand how to approve.

@keunes Sorry about that. I had to build an importer for it, so I haven't had the time to do it yet. I wanted to capture those itunes id's by parsing them out of the apple url's in that column. I'll get to it soon. Just a little overloaded at my day job atm.

@jamescridland Man that’s a shame. $2+ million?! I really just have no words for that. There’s no reason an app and infrastructure should cost that much money. If nobody buys it, I at least hope they open source some of the code. But that rarely happens.

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