@hypercatcher @csb If you handle video in the future that’d be killer for iPad.

@hypercatcher @csb That looks really good. The extra screen real estate is so nice. Kind of makes me want an iPad.

@brian @adam Welcome! Anyone here can help if you get stuck or just need to chat something out. Feel free to contribute or consume as needed. 😊

@kahlil I’ve heard that Umbrella is great but I haven’t used it yet. @brianoflondon is setting one up now and @benjaminbellamy has one too.

@cisene So it looks like we will end up somewhere around 3.1 million?

@ville @agates Makes a lot of sense. I’m getting used to it slowly. 😊

@brianoflondon You’ll need to open channels first to be able to send/receive. DM your connection string to Adam and I and we will open channels to it.

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Slow lazy bugfix Sunday with a hint of app-store re-submit, good coffee in the Podfriend mug and Leonard Cohen in the headphones...

Life is indeed good.

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@vinnl I’ve always mentally edited that expression as I read it from: “Would you like more relevant ads?” to “Would you like no more ads?” to which I then look for the “Yes Please!” button and am then disappointed...

@agates Sometimes the class and type declarations get really long and repetitive though. Like Java.

@agates Don't get me wrong. I really like C# and .Net. I had to learn it for those utilities and it was great. One of the reasons I like it is because it's easy to pick up even non-commented code after a few months and clearly see what it's doing. It's a very easy to read language.

Still not sure I can get used to not writing "return" at the end of functions. It feels icky.

@agates Well I take that back. I wrote a few C# utilities for a digital scanning system last year. Yes, it's "compiled", but not sure I count that because .Net. 😂

@agates Yeah it feels real nice. I haven't written any compiled code in a couple of years. The last I did was some Swift for an iphone app I was developing. I guess I see the similarity just from trends as you said. It just always felt like a waste to spend time getting real good at Swift and then not be able to use it many other places besides Apple world. Rust feels like a much better time investment.

This syntax is cool. Feels Swifty, but even more compact. And, you can really see the assignment happening because of the lack of line terminators within the blocks. I like it.

@sphinx_chat @adam @martin @csb Thanks Paul. Maybe you could drop by the next Podcasting 2.0 Jitsi dev meetup. I think it's each Saturday night UTC. It was about lunch time here in Central time US.

Starting to develop the basic structure for the distributed aggregator client:


This code compiles but doesn't do anything that makes sense to anyone but me. It's current form is the code equivalent of thinking out loud to get my mind right.

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