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so if you want to make a QR code that works for everyone, maybe you could use Apple’s feed-based URL scheme and build a QR scanner into each podcast app that intercepts it. So iOS users that just use their a generic QR scanner get Apple Podcasts, and people scanning from their podcast app get a better experience.

@joshuahoover @adam There are also big players with money trying to solve it though. They can influence the regulations in their favor. That’s what I’m betting on.

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At this point most of the day to day work necessary to keep #FDroid up and running is contributed by volunteers.

If you like our project you can help too! Here's how to get started contributing: f-droid.org/contribute
If you've got enough on your plate already we also accept donations: f-droid.org/donate

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@papabenen @adam That’s the one.

The onboarding will all get sorted by the bigger players as time goes on. I just want podcasting to be ready for when that day comes. Because when it does, and mass onboarding to lightning gets baked into everyone’s Twitter account, things are going to take off like a rocket ship.

Just need to make sure all the supporting infrastructure is in place.

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@davekeeshan Also an excellent idea.t plan is to sit down tomorrow and write the flow chart needed to find them. First look at A, then check B, and so on.

@jennifer @adam Yeah, I’m getting suspicious of this now. Have I mentioned my brother, the owner of Tesla? 😂

@phoneboy How long since the last episode was published? If it was demoted to low scan priority it might take up to two weeks before it gets scanned again.

@ville Is that an on-chain transaction, or is that buying lightning directly? Just wondering about the fees.

@brianoflondon I think the new version of LND has something called “clustering” but I’m not clear on how it works yet or if it’s a solution to this.

@maxhillebrand or @marnix might know.

@brianoflondon @StevenB @adam That sounds terrifying. When I was in elementary school the Principle had a paddle. You didn’t want to get paddled. I can’t even believe they used to do stuff like that.

@nathan @mitch @adam That would be killer. It’s a constant problem with the html based apps. They get killed with slow load times, mixed content and CORS.

@agates No I meant the proposal doc for the medium tag. Seems like it’s part of that spec also.

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@agates There you are with your next level shit. Your like an encyclopedia of web protocols.

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Now that PodcastSoundbites.com has listened generated soundbites there is an API that you can use. Check out the documentation at PodcastSoundbites.com/apidocs

@agates This is a really, really good idea. I’m actually afraid we will forget it. Could you put it into the proposal doc? I’m going to open the next phase while in Nashville and I don’t want to forget.

@Medus I’m sorry David. I meant to correct this and forgot. Will do in the morning. My apologies.

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