@adam "We don't even take on an http dependency."

No wonder it took so long to develop. That's pretty hard core.

@js This chart bothers me. Either nobody in their demographic has a family, or they know something nobody else does.

@SirSpencer @cam @kahlil Not currently, but I can make it accept those locations from an environment variable in a future release. I was going to do that anyway.

Can you submit an issue on the repo with that as a request?

@brianoflondon I wouldn't think so. I've rebooted mine lots of times with Helipad unofficially installed.

@kahlil Just means "Message received." It's slang from "CB" radio in the U.S. I believe.

@adam By "them" you mean Square? I don't see that anywhere. Can you link me to what you're seeing?

@kahlil 10-4. Looking really good. After your refinements I'll start wiring it up.

@cisene Can’t wait to see it.

I’ve noticed the slow down as well. It’s actually a good thing since we can say now that we have a good corpus of podcasts that seem to represent the whole of what podcasting really looks like.

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