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Namespace: The second change is the osmid="" attribute in the location tag is now just osm="".

Namespace: I just made two important changes to the location and person tags that are breaking changes. After some discussion with Angelo at Blubrry, we decided to remove the name="" attribute from these tags and move that string to the element's node value.


<podcast:person name="Dave Jones" />


<podcast:person>Dave Jones</podcast:person>

Same with location:

<podcast:location name="Mount St. Helens" />


<podcast:location>Mount St. Helens</podcast:location>

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@martin @hypercatcher @brianoflondon She played the Silicon Valley game for many years. You can fail all the way to the bank if you do it right:

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@dave Hi Dave, I did not have to do anything special, but I was already using broad host permissions in my extension, which bypass CORS:
Anyway, it should not be necessary for consuming the API of the index, since you added the CORS header Access-Control-Allow-Origin with a *

This is progress. Got rails installed on the M1 and created my first app. I have no idea what any of those commands did, and why it needed node.js, but it worked!

@dellagustin Are you doing anything specific to get the API requests from Podstation to work with CORS? Seems like it is failing for at least one person building a chrome extension.

@kfinn @tomrossi7 Just listened to the Buzzcast about Dynamic Content. Very cool stuff guys. That's some heavy lifting to make that happen. Impressive.

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Are you on Sphinx chat participating in Podcasting 2.0's Lightning value ecosystem? Join the #BowlAfterBowl tribe by scanning this QR or copying the code below:

Not in yet? Wanna know what the hype is about? Tune in to the next episode on Tuesday night as I try to explain this shit to stoners like me!

P.s. bitcoin hit 33k it's time to pay attention people

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Just heard about Buzzsprout's new dynamic content feature on Buzzcast, interesting stuff!

@tomrossi7, does this play nicely with external chapter files? Do you happen to know of any Buzzsprout feeds that contain both dynamic content and chapters?

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When one of your favorite, value-packed podcasts is 52 minutes longer than its usual 3 hours.

(Take that, radio-inspired advice!)

@adam @Johncdvorak

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@hypercatcher only thing I can think of might be adding another field in the iOS app for image URL. Other than that, it’s working well for me.

@Castopod Thank you for putting lots of person tags in your feed. It's really helping to give a robust test of the parser. Almost finished.

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Happy New year everyone. 2020 sure started an insane amount of things in the Podcast world. Let’s make 2021 ours!

@martin @Castopod Heads up, I'm going to change the "osmid" attribute name in the location tag to just be "osm". I'll post here when I make the change in the documentation.


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Earning as a host? Podcasting 2.0 is enabling a decentralized, self-sustaining ecosystem for content creators. I show you how to set up your feed with @RaspiBlitz node and @sphinx_chat
@adam @dave @Castopod @419monk @brianoflondon @fribbledom

@mitch Hey Mitch, I'm trying to sign up for an account and getting this:

@Castopod I normally use "latin1_bin" collation for urls to save space and avoid punicode type nonsense. Anyone see a problem with that? I've only run into a handful of urls that use multi-byte strings and I think they were all actually mistakes.

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Making progress on <podcast:person>. Got the table built and relations set up.

@Castopod Are you going to put tags in your normal test feed first like usual?

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