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Just submitted Podcast Chapters 3.0 for review - it's Podcasting 2.0 certified 🥳! I've added a window to enter all episode-relevant information and generate tags for your feed: season, episode, person, soundbite, transcript, and location.

Next step: find out if it's actually useful and which of a million possible extensions make the most sense.


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The likelihood of the LibriVox date issue being fixed looks slim, considering this post was over 2 years ago:

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@mitch Pragmatic, Causality and Sleep all have the Value tag in the RSS feed. I’ve never used the podcasterwallet

Anyone have a tech contact at LibriVox? I'd love to get them to fix their RSS date issue:

The aggregator now handles feeds where the items have no <guid>. I'm using Apple's spec where they fall back to using the enclosure url if one exists.

The Librivox feeds also don't have a valid <pubDate> element, so right now they're showing up like this:

...since they are zero's in the database. Anyone got a better suggestion on how to handle? This is undefined behavior so there's not a great answer really.

@martin @mitch @podcastguru It'd be great to have deep link support so that I can share a link straight to an episode and have it open in PF or PV or PG.

The only reason Python gives me pause is that so many Windows machines see compiled Python exe’s as a security threat, with good reason.

Go seems obvious, but we don’t need massive parallelism for this. Just, need a handful running at any one time.

Rust’s async/await is still fairly new if I understand what I’ve read correctly.

I should probably just choose Go and move on, but thought I’d throw it out here and see if anyone has input. I’m sure some of you will want to do work on it too.

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I’ve been paralyzed trying to figure out the best language to use to write the distributed aggregator agent in. It needs to be something that can compile to native code on each platform (Mac, windows, Linux), has good concurrency primitives and isn’t obscure so lots of people can contribute. I think it needs to be in either Python, Rust or Golang.

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Azure is having problems (again). FYI, if anyone else is seeing cloud issues with line of business apps.

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Can't wait to fail at something new!

Just ordered the parts for a RaspiBlitz set up to link to Sphinx Chat. Can't wait to dive into this, even if it's way outside my knowledge base.

@benjaminbellamy Where is the full doc for the <podcast:recommendations> tag?

I'm working on the namespace repo to get ready to return to work on Phase 3. I'm thinking that I'll move all the tags off the README except the ones we know we're working on, and instead just link to the isssues list filtered by the proposal tag.

That work for everyone?

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Thanks to @agates for being interviewed today about his work on and podcasting 2.0 @adam
He will appear on a future special I'm working on talking about podcasting 2.0

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@agates @dave @cisene I like the idea of removing the term "bulk".

- Changed to "Subscription List", which is the core concept, and "Subscription List Request", which is only necessary for the delegation scenario.

- Removed opml as a format option.

- Migrated the proposal out of the google doc, and put it up on the web here (with associated github for discussion):

I'll start working on a test hub tomorrow...

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