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Nailed down why our apple API lookup failure rate has been so high lately. At the end of each day each front-end server looks at it's logs and runs through all of the calls to the "byitunesid" endpoints and collects all of the failures. We take that list of misses and call the apple API to resolve them all into feedUrls.

A few of the new podcast apps that started using us early last week are requesting tons of iTunesU and RadioFrance id's every day...

Anchor podcasts in the index: 1,444,366

Sorry to keep harping on this. It's just silly at this point.

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@steven I may have to abandon our channel and open a new one. It’s been stuck opening for days.

Namespace: Here is a first crack at how a podcast "channel" would work:

We're calling the tags "related" to avoid confusion or bugs arising from the RSS "channel" tag in case some XML parsers don't deal with the namespace properly internally.

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@StevenB @dellagustin @martin yes Podverse is using LNPay. We're going with an approach where we won't be custodians of each user's wallet. The downside however, is that LNPay doesn't support a "Connect wallet to <app name>" button yet, so you have to manually copy and paste your LNPay API key into the app to connect your wallet. We won't be submitting this UX to the App Store, but we will offer it in the Beta build.

The Podverse Beta with LNPay integration should be out in the next 1-2 days.

So... many... Anchor feeds. Ugh. They just never end...

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I have a podping repo up, and a thread to discuss the UPID (Universal Podcast Identifier) here:

@brianoflondon Partytime is force parsing the value splits as floats now instead of strings, so hopefully that will fix that nastiness.

Ok, it's resolved. Autocomplete should work again now.

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The autocomplete indexer is broken for some reason. I'm looking into it.

Ugh. Sometimes a 3 minute TLS cert swap becomes a 45 minute journey into openssl commands.

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STARTING NOW, together with the #ActivityPub-community @NGIZero is hosting a 2nd webinar on decentralized social networking for European & national administrations. ActivityPub-coauthor @cwebber will share development & future of decentralization (among which @spritelyproject ), after which we leave the floor to discuss how the European Commission, European Data Protection Supervisor & Joint Research Centre can join the fediverse.

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@hypercatcher i'm headed to bed and will check in the morning. FYI: i'm on left coast time.
Hope the little one is doing well and you guys are getting some sleep.
family first.

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@amugofjava @adam @genen @dave I have been looking for this kind of service for @podstation , there is a new one out there that I have not tried yet.
gPodder is supported by antennapod, but unfortunately it is terribly unreliable in terms of uptime.

@theDanielJLewis What kind of failure rate are you seeing on the Apple API right now. I'm seeing a TON of lookups not returning a feedUrl property, but I'm trying to see if it's just the nature of our sample set, or if it's that way across the board.

I left a few out because they were non-descript like "golang" or "Dot.NET".

Not sure what or Voyce are.

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