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@agates The amd64 build finishes fine, but the arm64 one dies at this stage each time. I was assuming docker buildx would pull the correct architecture image during a multi-arch build, but maybe I'm missing a piece of the puzzle.

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@agates Did you have to do anything inside your images to allow Debian to access the arm64 sources? I'm getting these types of errors when building for arm64:

@agates Ok, proper staged docker builds are the shit. What a difference.

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I've got some news! I created an open source library for generating Podcasting 2.0 RSS feeds.

You can check it out here:

Any feedback is appreciated :)

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The only downside to compiling the executable inside of the docker image is all the module build debris it leaves behind. Hundreds of megabytes. Is there a solution to that? Just rm it afterwards?

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Here is my presentation about the Open Web and Podcasting 2.0 I delivered at the Festival del Podcasting in Italy. I translated the slides and added presentator’s notes in English.
It’s available as a zip file containing Keynote, PowerPoint and PDF formats. Free to use for anybody.


Thanks to @benjaminbellamy , on whose presentation and slides a lot of this is based.

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@dave FYI I’ve just added the Social tag to the most recent 10 episodes of Causality. I’ve added Pleroma, Twitter and Facebook links, as well as priorities and dates. I’ve also added those there platforms at the Channel level. The only thing I didn’t so was the sign-up component. Which apps currently support it so I can test?
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@yael You're welcome to open a channel to podnews if you'd like to.


We get a fair amount of inbound.

When AI can digest this image and explain to me why it’s funny, I’ll be a believer. That’s my test.

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Does anybody here need some inbound liquidity on their ⚡ NODE? Need to start balancing more of my channels.

@jamescridland Where is the root of your Umbrel system? It's the place where the "apps", "app-data", "lnd", etc. folders live.

Helipad has proper fallbacks now, so it will run in the Umbrel environment or standalone. It tries the Umbrel paths and ENV first.

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Every Castopod instance is a full fledged #activitypub server: the social network IS the podcast.

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