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@dave Bitcoin could totally revolutionize foreign aid. You could send money directly to people with no governments and corruption in the middle to siphon off the money.

Think what you will of Strike. But it’s clear they are focusing on sidestepping financial services in developing countries that have inflation and corruption issues. They’re going straight to the people. That’s a noble endeavor.

Looks like it supports “lightning addresses” too. I haven’t played around with those yet.

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Maybe this is better. Write the file as:


If the http status code is a perm redirect code like a 301, then the contents of the file should be expected to be nothing more than the final destination url as a string.

The timestamp of the file can be assumed as the last polling time.

I think that captures all of the data I'd need saved anyhow.

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I guess it wouldn't have to be binary. Could be JSON.

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The idea is that Partytime.js could pick up and read that data and include it in the feed update SQL calls. I'm not sure how hard it would be to parse that data out of the file though using JavaScript. I have no experience with binary decoding in JS.

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Aggrivate.js (the polling agent) currently saves feed contents in a file like:


...for Partytime.js (the parsing agent) to pick up and parse later.

I'm trying to make it so that Aggrivate never writes to the database and leaves Partytime to do all of the writes.

So, with the new Aggrivate.rust I'm considering writing the feed file with an extra binary blob which is a saved Rust struct denoting things like the http return status code and redirect url, etc.


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One for @ernestoacostame - who asked - but for anyone else who wondered... I wrote this up after our chat here. Hope it helps!

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Just remember, 9 months ago you were the crazy Hive guy, now you have podping updating the database and soon for live.


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That's on my 8-core M1 Mac Mini, and zero io overhead since I'm not saving the response bodies to files yet. Still, that's pretty good being on a mediocre home internet connection.

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Got a really rough wireframe together of the new replacement for Aggrivate.js. About to test how fast it can poll 1000 feeds.

Let’s see if I can finish up liveItem today.

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