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@staceygoers Stacey, what is the official NPR stance on affiliate stations proxying versions of your main shows. If you do a search for "All Things Considered" on the Index:

...a version of the main show feed is also coming from member station KUOW. Should we remove the affiliate versions of feeds like this or leave them?

They appear to be identical and not contain local content, so my inclination is to remove them.

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@brianoflondon I have very little python experience. I've written a socket listener before, but it was very long ago. I remember it being very simple. It would need to be async though, so not sure if that is harder.

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@brianoflondon Ok I found site. Looks like no lower-level libraries are listed. I guess we can just stick with python for now and I'll call it from the rust front-end with a unix socket or something. Or maybe you can write a python script that listens on a local TCP port and writes the JSON notification when called with a URL.
I can just send a packet to that port with the url to trigger the blockchain write.

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@brianoflondon Is there an official repo for Hive code? I'm trying to see if there is any Rust support or libraries for Hive. If there is, I can just write the whole thing in that. If not, I'll have to call some shell command or something to put the notifications on the blockchain.

Giving back more constructive messages in the API deny responses with links to documentation:

@brianoflondon Brian, can you find out what it would take to run a private Hive chain in case of failure? I'll write a server implementation for the publisher-side interface this week. Once that's written and we know how hosts can call it, we can put your hive script on the back-side and start testing it by replicating our in-bound websub to it.

@agates Do you want to get the firehose to start with so we can start playing with alternateEnclosure live trigger?

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Example PR on how to add your podcast client to the (new) Podlove Subscribe Button: (also add yourself to the index + readme)

@darrenoneill I pinned the other url to it also so the dup won't come back.

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@adam @jamescridland reinstalled Apple’s podcast app to see what would show or not show up. No Agenda up to date. So is Podnews. Podland not the latest ep yet.

I'd like to give some realistic stats alongside the raw ones.

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When compiling hosting company stats, what are the sane limits that should determine size? currently has 1,506,486 feeds in the Index. A large percentage of it is garbage/old.

A lot of Spreaker garbage also.

So, what should a realistic hosting stats page include? Only feeds that have published a new episode in the last X days? That doesn't seem right since some podcasts are evergreen.

Maybe podcasts that have more than X number of episodes?

Advice welcome.

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@csb I also see I will have to be careful with what HTML I let through. FeedBurner puts in a tracking 1x1 image, and I don't want that for my users.

...and since we have very few missing itunes id's now, the ratio just skews all the way to the failures.

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