Weird moves over in Joe Rogan land, twitter/YouTube /censorship related, is this the start of the flood we've been building towards? (this is not a statement on the topics, but the control of access to content)

@mitch absolutely. The problem I've had trying to get Tommy Robinson using Hive is UI I know gettr and Parler will come and go but we need to up the game on true decentralised alternatives.

@mitch agreed, anyone and everyone who uses mastodon should be using this opportunity, also decentralized video too, is peertube mature enough?

@davekeeshan tbh I don’t know. I defer to @agates for decentralization expertise.

I’m actually a little surprised Rogan hasn’t started a Mastodon instance yet. It wouldn’t even have to be open enrollment to the public. Just an instance that lets him own his own social media data and make it available everywhere. Could invite his friends to join the instance. Could auto generate content by syncing with posts from his other social media platforms.

@mitch @agates indeed it would seem to be a no brainer, but Rogan isn't a hacker, and now that he's on Spotifys coin is it even in his best interest any more? I will watch this situation play out, it could be informative, maybe someone will give Rogan the 411

@davekeeshan Rogan was an early adopter of online message boards and podcasting. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s “early” to Mastodon. True he wouldn’t know how to setup an instance but I’m sure he could hire someone to do it. With increasing censorship of guests on his show, I think having a federated self-owned backup makes a lot sense.

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