@mitch @dave

"How about a PI endpoint that returns the IDs of all feeds that have been deleted/deactivated since beginning of time?"

This is a great idea, though may explode over time, I would make this possible, but also have it searchable by time. Do a small monthly audit and once a year do a big pass through, or something like that.

Also if you try and fetch a deleted feed from PI, it would be nice if it reported that it is a deleted feed as opposed to a feed not found.

@theDanielJLewis @dave @adam @martin

I did an initial demo of the podcast tags on the podlove plugin. I forgot the xmlns header and someone from podbooker contacted me to inform me my rss stream was causing a parsing error over there.

I subsequently found out that apple weren't updating my podcast due to this error.

I put in the xmlns header and they both worked.

My Spotify and other services feeds did not break, so they aren't been as strict and the protocol.

@martin @dave @adam ugh I see a lot of that. I was in a startup that got acquired by a massive multi national. It was like driving into a lake of treacle for innovation.

@jamescridland @adam

I ran into issues just trying to add podcast namespace tags to my rss feed. I was missing the xmlns tag in the header. I was alerted to a parsing error by podbooker but found that it was also blocking my feed been updated on apple. Other services were OK, as they weren't as strict on their parsing.

Also are they just adding per podcast tagging, or will they do per episode too?

@dave @martin

I think there are two things here. There is definitely a podcast for @martin for podfriend. Raising brand awareness is huge.

However there seems to be a separate podcast, lets call it "The Devs of Podcasting 2.0" where people discuss the challenges of implementing the new namespace and things like that.

Otherwise I think there would be a lot of single episode podcasts.

Is there a concept of a federated rss feed? Multiple people can contribute to one feed?


Well if you have any questions on getting started, edited etc, give us a shout. However I am sure, based on this feed, there are probably loads of people you could tap to help there.

I was thinking though, you were interested in experimenting with a live feed, you could wrap the two things in one. Again, running your own podcast is great to experience the actual basics of it all. Hosting, analytics, promotion, etc etc so it can be a testbed too.

@martin @adam @dave

Personally I do fortnightly, but for your work monthly might be fine. Enough time to build up enough content to talk about.

But like all podcasts, start! All the rest falls into place when you get going, if not experiment, and then welcome to podcasting!

@martin @adam @dave

I love the sound of my own voice ;) no fear there.

Any way, that is why you get guests and make them do all the talking.

On a serious note your should consider an official podcast for podfriend. Obviously it would raise your profile, but it is amazing how much you learn about the gritty technicalities of podcasts and hosting and metadata when you have your own.

@martin @adam @dave

Ironically if you actually had a podcast of your own, you would kill to get that kind of exposure, you would be all over your stats tracking the bump!


What live streaming options are you looking to integrate with?

This looks interesting (and open)


otherwise it seems to be a function of some 3rd party service.

I still like to think that, for a podcast, you should always be able to roll your own, but am happy to try out any and or all of them to see what works and what doesn't.


I'm up for any experiment, sadly my podcast audience, which is comedy based, isn't big enough for a live audience at the moment. However I was thinking of starting a podcast about podcasting, I don't know if there are enough of those.

Any way give me a shout if you have any ideas you want help with

@martin @dave I would love to do a live podcast, but is it truly a podcast? It is the recording session for the podcast? I know it is a bit semantic, but very few people record live for broadcast.

I have seen people use Facebook live, with their built in chat. But usually after it was hosted on an ordinary hoster.

But enabling a live feedback that can drive content would be really cool.

@martin @marnix @adam

I agree, that sounds like a per episode, per person solution, not great for scale.

Ideally if you have downloaded it, then you are in a position to make it available to all.

I am not too sure how this butts up against what is effectively podcast copying, which is a problem at the moment. It also doesn't work with podcasts with dynamic ads. In that case people are being given personalised mp3, so they hash values between podcasts will be different.

@marnix @martin @dave @adam

OK, so where is the peer to peer benefit? If someone downloads from the link into a podcatcher, they are downloading out of the network, but not making that data available to other peers.

My initial look at this suggests this wouldn't get really powerful until the podcatchers themselves were full IPFS clients, available to source episodes themselves that they previously downloaded.That would be wild if it could,but I'm sure people would complain about the bandwidth

@martin @dave @marnix @adam

Well the problem I find these days you need more than one person to experiment with. I am going to put my hand up and see if I can get a node going (or two)

@dave @martin @marnix @adam

I never heard of IPFS until the most recent podcast. I don't understand why some distributed peer to peer form of podcast hosting has not existed till now. It has the potential to put all hosting companies out of business if done right. I am going to experiment and watch this one closely. This could be the game changer done right.

@jamescridland @dave @martin wow, though one would expect that if you were presented at a public convention it would be either be patented by you or it is effectively in the public domain.

They would have a hard time proving that in court. Though they do act like the big gorilla in the room and scare people off who are too small fry to fight them.

God, it would be great to have your own patent portfolio, they seem to have great fun.

@csb @jamescridland @adam @dave I believe the goal is that if the app picks a truly random number, which is in the spec, you should be untrackable.

However an app could use a pseudo random number,and achieve a trackable result.

You come down to the honesty of the app maker and how much you trust them.

However, I suspect the big hitters, Facebook, Google etc, have the tracking abilities above and beyond this. IP tracking etc etc, you are only levelling the playing field down to the small guys

@jamescridland @dave @martin interesting, can you list the patent? Or detail what it was generally about?

I've been through a few lectures at a big company, they are terrified of accidentally copying someone else's idea. Not because they are morally pure, they just don't want the legal mess. So much so I was told part of my job is to never read up on any patents, even outside of work, just in case.

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