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That article works as advertised. That is how you can host a podcast website wholly under IPFS.

I however have not updated the unlying site in a while due to the IPFS windows client crashing my modem and the static file generation on WordPress is acting weird with the theme I am using. Since then the media tag has been decided on.

I will try and get an update done to reflect where podcasting2.0 is now!

This we are joined by writer, John Vorhaus. We discuss John new book, the little book of , and whether or not there should be comedy cover bands.


WHOOSH, that is the sound of the future! Dave and Johnathan bring to you the very first from the . First the suggestion was to do a podcast about the Metaverse, then someone suggested lets do it in the METAVERSE!


We are delighted to welcome New York born, but California residing improv artist Nicole Matarese. Nicole explains some of the concepts used in the improv world. All stand-ups should do at least one improv course to help with your crowd work.


This week we discuss one of the biggest success stories in the open source world, Blender. Some people take up golf but instead both Dave and Jonathan took up blender and like golf you can spend years working on your technique.

Where did Blender come from, what is it now and where is it going? The guys recount their experience with this awesome tool. Blender could quiet literally save the whole world, or a few mid-range computer animated movies.


Joining me from another country but also about a 100 kms up the road is Northern Ireland based comedian and podcaster Nathan Smyth.

As a world traveller from Ireland I am often asked “What is the story with Northern Ireland?”, I was always terrified to tell people the honest truth, “I haven’t a clue!”

We discuss and clear up a lot of confusion on this small isle, will there be a future Unified Ireland following Brexit, again I haven’t a clue


Well it is the new year and there are new words! Web3 is the one of new buzzword floating around, but what is it? Morketing 101 or the beginning for something new? With a new Matrix film about too we dive into a brand new world, but maybe it is the old world wearing a different suit! We don't know, but someone is going to make a pants load of money for sure!


@dave Sadly I don't know if I can agree with this completely.

I think you need to separate out the hacker class (which is us) and we are happy to have this choice and the sheeple, who will buy tires at costco, and college degrees and coffins. There are more of them than of us, and Spotify and the like want to win that market not the hacker market, they are more than happy for us to f*ck off!

Provided the user experience is good (easier said than done) they'll own 'em.

@dave Yes I am rather annoyed that the subscriber model doesn't get you ad free. However this is the wall garden "They are the gatekeepers. They're guarding all the doors. They are holding all the keys..."

You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which despite my sincerest efforts I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision. While it remains a burden assiduously avoided, it is not unexpected, and thus not beyond a measure of control. Which has led you, inexorably, here.


@brianoflondon @adam @dave I agree

I recently archived a podcast, 150+ episodes, but no new episodes in a few years. Due to migration I lost the apple id and had to get a new one. This is a podcast that I want to live on, it was a live real boy.. Eh podcast, but it is now a historical one.

This is an area which suffers a lot. In most cases the podcaster stops paying the hosting feed and it gets lost forever.

I have been meaning write up how to archive podcasts for free. It's a little fiddly

@mitch @agates indeed it would seem to be a no brainer, but Rogan isn't a hacker, and now that he's on Spotifys coin is it even in his best interest any more? I will watch this situation play out, it could be informative, maybe someone will give Rogan the 411

@mitch agreed, anyone and everyone who uses mastodon should be using this opportunity, also decentralized video too, is peertube mature enough?

Weird moves over in Joe Rogan land, twitter/YouTube /censorship related, is this the start of the flood we've been building towards? (this is not a statement on the topics, but the control of access to content)


We finally get to discuss where crypto is going. NFT, DAO, fungible, what does it all mean and do I need a cream for that? Everything you wanted to know about decentralized autonomous organization and decentralized prediction markets, but were afraid to ask! Will it reinvigorate the art market, or is it the same man wearing a different suit?


@dave @chidgey @adam @mystik

That feels fixable in the long term.

I had a similar issue, I had two machines running clients in my home network and it started crashing my modem. It took me a while to debug that one.

@mystik @adam

I did some experiments with IPFS hosting a while back, I found the time to first byte for a out of sequence / evergreen podcast over a minute, and think that is death especially in the world of streaming which is becoming more the norm. Have anyone investigated this problem?


Is web3 a thing or just marketing bullshit? I think the whole crypto/distributed/federated online services are an epoch in the Internet space, if they need to brand it cool, however it didn't just start, its been building in pieces over the past decade, but there is more going on than BTC and DOGE

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