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We're proud to announce the release of :inkscape: Inkscape 1.1.1! Thank you to our contributors that have been busy fixing bugs and making Inkscape more stable. It is now available for Linux/macOS/Windows at:

This episode we are delighted to welcome Benjamin Bello. Benjamin recently wrote an article for Chortle describing an aggressive audience member while he was performing on stage. We discuss what it is like to be onstage when something like that happens and what if anything can be done.

Want to see the <podcast:location> tag in action? 🗺️ 📍 🎙️
Check out the map of these demo podcasts:

We are back again talking about podcasting and the big fight against the walled gardens and their deep pockets. It took, 150 million to pay off Joe Rogan, we won't be as cheap!

Dave explains to Jonathan what podcasting 2.0 is and where it is going, sexy things like RSS feeds and meta tags, we go nuts!

This epsiode we welcome back to the show London based stand-up comedy MC and room runner Alfie Noakes. Dave started his comedy career via a 4 weekend comedy course with a graduation night, and so began a great career! Alfie has run a number of workshops and courses over the years and recounts some of the experiences he has seen and now that lockdown in the UK are lifting is starting to run them again.

This episode we discuss how does one start a podcast? Everyone talks about wanted to do one. Dave walks Jon through the process of how one gets going, from recording remotely, editing, hosting and the gate keepers themselves the podcast directories, we get into it all! TLDR; Just start right now!

This goes back to the same conversation I'm always having: We must liberate the media.

Our culture, our stories and songs and myths and legends, can't belong to corporations.

The music industry has committed itself to this death spiral. Slowly starving itself in the name of increased value for shareholders, until such a time as modern culture has left the aging industry behind.

They will lose, in the long term.

We can expedite that loss, the DMCA can be our weapon.

Delighted to welcome to the show, Lu Williams. Lu is a Londoner who now calls Chester in the Noth of England home and it is also where she performs and runs a room or two through CSHQ, which organises rooms in the Machester/Wales area.

Lets talk about wearing masks. Some people have to wear masks as part of their day to day life, now the whole world is in some way used to wearing a mask to get about their day. Dave and Jonathan are happy to wear masks for the risk prevention the afford, maths is on their side, however it doesn't mean that they like them. Dave has taken up chewing gum to counter act his bad breath!

This episode we go back and cover the modern ancient history of phreaking. A skill that was impressive the American government was terrified that the hacker Kevin Mitnick could launch a nuclear missile merely by whistling down the phone.

@dave if you want to nuke the dedupe problem for good consider audio fingerprinting, it is a huge upfront, but you should be able to track audio files everywhere :

This episode Dave and Jon discuss the classic 90s movie, Sneakers. A moderately successful film on release in 1992, it turns out to be one of the most prescient and visionary movies ever made to predicted the world in which we find ourselves living today. Ransonware attacks on public utilities. Questionable motivations of the United States Government Employees against its own citizens and computer dating, its all there!

This episodes we welcome back to the show Mark Williamson. We discuss Australian sketch shows which were responsible for launching the likes of Eric Bana and Kath and Kim.

What is Artificial Intelligence? What is Machine Learning? In this episode Jonathan explains some of the base ideas behind these terms to Dave and a few other things.

Hello Fediverse!
Almost 9 years after our very first tweet announcing the creation of the project, we're now happy to publish our very first toot :blobcatheadphones:

We are an international team of contributors of code and otherwise. Together we work on the the most popular open source podcast app for Android. And we would love to get you on board 👉

What we like to do in our spare time? Listening to podcasts!

#introduction #podcast #OpenSource #FOSS #Android #Java

Any one looks at Spotify's green room yet?

At least it works on android out of the box and you don't have to upload all your contacts

Is there any podcasting 2.0 clubhouse - like endorsed solution?

I am guessing something from Spotify ain't ever going to be it

Aww yiss! Five new enabled podcasts!

- School of Podcasting
- Entre Tapas e Espanhol
- King of Kanto
- The Future is not Set
- Mark Williamson Chat Show

Podcasts using Satoshis.Stream: 95

@dave I am unable to reset my email address to gain API read access to the podcast Index. And after that, how did I get write access, all I want to do is add 2 new feeds

We really need some tutorials and infographics for stuff. Especially <podcast:alternateEnclosure> and . Those are killer tech, but hard to explain. I think some sort of graphical/visual help would go a long way. I have no idea who would be capable of such a thing.

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