Is there a way to force a refresh of a show in Podfriend? I have a new show that went up yesterday, and it still hasn’t shown up in Podfriend.

@davestone @adam Hmm. Buzzsprout supports websub so we should have gotten that pretty quick. I'll jiggle the handle and then see why we didn't. Is it a fairly new podcast?


@dave @adam Thank you. It's so cool to see my chapter images on Podfriend now!

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@davestone @dave @adam You know what. Your show had a "2" added behind the URL because there was already a podcast called "I Hear Ya", but since you are here on podcastindex I'll make yours the primary one, if you want? (I don't want to just do it without asking, in case you've shared links to the other one) :)

@martin @dave @adam Yes, please. The other show appears to have podfaded. That's why we went ahead with our title. Thanks again!

@davestone @dave @adam

I changed it now. I am glad to give a small amount of preferential treatment to podcast 2.0 podcasts!

If you subscribe to the podcast in Podfriend, you might have to un- + re-subscribe for it to refresh the data.

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