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@drunkplato Ok, I think we're up to date now. I also made you a maintainer on that repo.

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@ralfy @drunkplato Agreed! Now we look as professional as we are. A huge value to the index!

@dave just an FYI, had to add a NODE_ENV environment variable to the .env file. There is a new script to start the production server. npm run production will compile the code and start the server now. So the next time you deploy the web-ui project make sure to add NODE_ENV=production to the .env. I updated the README.md with the details.

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If anyone has some React experience or wants to learn, feel free to play around with the web-ui repo. Next goal is to port the developer login experience to the new look. Will get designs out soon... hopefully

@adam @dave @martin Made some tweaks based on Adam's feedback. If having a static stats page is cool for now, once I submit this new PR, I am good if it is pushed to production.

@dave had some time to work on the mobile version of the beta site. Still have a few things to do, but its coming along.

@dave I find that a lot of the podcasts have no image, which is why the grey empty image is shown. I guess I could pull down more than 7 recent episodes and filter out the no image episodes just so that the podcast player on the home page always has images. Are there plans to add any filtering to the recent episodes endpoint?

@dave We should try to put up a beta.podcastindex.org to try it out

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@dave I posted it up. Should be good to go now. I had an issue loading the custom fonts but should be fine for now. Check it out. README updated as well.

I dont have the dev stuff going yet, just the landing page and whatnot. Also, the stats page is just static values for now. We can hit an API for it if needed.

@drunkplato you would have to get get yarn installed on your machine and look at the readme. I’ll probably have time to get it to a “production” ready state in the next few days.

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I pushed where I am with the redesign and rebuild. We can make this a PWA. I didn't start with that in mind, but shouldn't be too hard once we are all set.

I still have more to do and have a little todo in the README. Should run locally for now if you follow the instructions.

@dave so I have a good portion of the redesign done for the non-dev stuff. Probably need a few more mornings to finish it up. But I have this search result page built... looking good! I think it would be cool to have something that is like "can't find your podcast? add it here" or something, which would bring you to the account creation page.

Does anyone have any ideas for a cool chart that would work for shows interesting stats?

I think a radar chart showing "categories" would be interesting perhaps.

Something like this: apexcharts.com/javascript-char

I have apexcharts implemented in my React code, so we can do any of these charts.

What is the status on the CORS issues? I am trying to pull recent episodes to the new UI. I know there were issues before, just curious if progress was made?

I am freeing up today to spend more time on the UI revamp. I ended up starting to build it in react and use webpack to generate the www and dev folders. Should work the same in serving up the pages

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