If anyone has some React experience or wants to learn, feel free to play around with the web-ui repo. Next goal is to port the developer login experience to the new look. Will get designs out soon... hopefully

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@drunkplato Why are you including the compiled source code in the repo? That's useful for a public library but is just a nuisance in a project. With proper CI/testing you can still make sure the distributed code is valid.

@codedmonkey this is true. Mainly included it in the repo because I was trying to make it as easy as possible for @dave to deploy. I am unsure how his deployment process works so made the decision to compile the code before pushing. Usually, I would git ignore the compiled code and have it build as part of the CI process. Adding a 'npm run production' script could take care of it as a simple solution.

@codedmonkey Updated master to ignore www and added the production script. Thanks for the input! Feel free to contribute!


Will take a look if I can contribute. Just want to say great job! I think the site looks real good. Not too complicated, love the numbers (show em what you got). Am a bit surprised @adam didn't request the donate button to be higher on the page ;)

@drunkplato I actually do want to learn react. Well maybe not technically learn it. But at least understand it. This is a great way to learn. Thanks!

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