@dwood Yeah, it looks rad. I'm 100% sure we will start using it for all of our public facing egress. I mean, free egress is a game changer. And, I heard a guy discuss it and gave the rationale about bandwidth being a lot cheaper than we think it is at the wholesale level.

I didn't know about slurp mode. That's really cool.

@dave @adam
Re: QR code
Use a standard http with user agent detection. This will allow the QR code to always function, safari users get a landing page with ways to subscribe and maybe links to apps.

If the user agent is a podcast app (should probably have some standardized UA for this), then you can just return the RSS in a 301 redirect.

This is how firebase app deeplinks work.

@dave regarding comments and persistence. I think you could limit the blast radius by encrypting the message payload on the blockchain with a public key that the hoster/podcaster has the private key to.

This would all be optional, but default to default on if comments are enabled. This allows the podcaster moderation ability if they want it, they could decide to selectively publish, gate what gets published by donation amount (basically a superchat), and change things over time.

@dave , did you try the ozone generator I recommended a few weeks back?

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