@dave Added the value block directly now so that all of us and the podcast index are included.

Is it planned to show this info on the website? Might be good infomration for listeners and also good for debugging. Would like to help making this happen :)

@dave there isn‘t an option to add multiple nodes and define the splits yet, correct? However, as we now control the feed ourselves I can add the value blocks directly I think :)

@dave ah, thanks! Now I got it. Added my node and will ask the other members to do that as well. Thanks for the clarification, now I see the value block!

@dave thanks! Reregistering worked :) the dashboard screen looks like before and I can‘t see the „value block“, is this as expected?

@adam @dave can‘t remove the duplicate feed from the index as far as I can see. Not sure why it doesn‘t work with the own feed, the Anchor one passes validation, but I didn‘t receive the confirmation email there …

Im unserem Interview mit Christian Rieck geht es um spieltheoretische Aspekte in und dem Handeln der Zentralbanken. Wir sprechen außerdem über Inflation vs. Deflation und dezentralen Konsens – viel Spaß beim Hören und ein schönes Wochenende! 🎧 einundzwanzig.space/podcast/in

@adam @dave i‘ve added our own feed.xml because I didn‘t want this to go through Anchor. I‘m basically reusing their feed and changed the email address. The sign up for podcasterwallet.com worked, but adding that feed does not.
I will remove the original Anchor feed on podcastindex.org and see if this helps.

@dave I‘m having trouble adding our podcast feed (it‘s provided by Anchor) on podcasterwallet.com – once I enter the URL in the modal, it quickly disappears and I can only see a message popping up, but it immediately disappears and the page reloads.
Feed URL is einundzwanzig.space/feed.xml

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