@ernestoacostame This is a great setup. I run a Rode Procaster with the Rodecaster Pro and use a Behringer USB RCA-style interface to capture on my stream PC while using the USB from the RODE on my gaming PC.

@ernestoacostame Just curious, I moved from the Heil PR-35 to the Procaster and thought it was an improvement, although the PR-35 has a larger dynamic range.

What is your opinion on the SM7B vs. the Procaster?

@chrislw Good question. I love the R脴DE Procaster, and I think that by default it gives my voice a lower and deeper tone. But I feel like the Shure isolates noise or breath much better. That if you need a little more gain. This I tell you from my experience that I am only an amateur and I am not a sound technician. But honestly I tell you that having a Procaster, I would not spend money on an SM7B. IMO.

@ernestoacostame I'm only an amateur as well. I occasionally game stream and participate in a couple of podcasts. I just hate bad sound...LOL. I also sing Karaoke through the system sometimes because I enjoy singing, but can't stream that due to overzealous copyright performance rights vs. broadcast rights garbage.

I'm pretty happy with the setup but still, tweak things occasionally.

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