@lormez16 Lo paradójico es que me mudé a un lugar más grande y ahora tengo menos espacio 😂😂😂😂

@robert Que te puedo contar? Tengo que independizarme.. hacerme un estudio afuera jajaja

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Estrenamos PRODUCTOR ASOCIADO para mis podcasts. Espera la mención este lunes en TIUC.

@dave I was a Linux user since 2006.. but in 2021 I switched to macOS.. :)

@robert @VictorGabriel El problema de esa plaza es que se le da voz al taburete que Google quiera con su algoritmo y como Google quiera. Nada es orgánico ahí, nada. El colmo es que tus propios suscriptores a veces no se enteran cuando publicas algo.

@hermesgabriel Lo he intentado, pero me cuesta mucho. Además de que me gusta grabar con mi mesa y micro, no termino de agarrarle el punto al móvil. Ya veré que hago, pero esto es como ser fumador y no poder fumar (supongo) 😩

With a 12-hour job almost every day, plus housework, my daughter, etc... I hardly have time to record my podcasts. I think I'll have to sacrifice an hour of sleep and wake up earlier to do it. I need the day to have 40 hours.


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One for @ernestoacostame - who asked - but for anyone else who wondered... I wrote this up after our chat here. Hope it helps! podnews.net/article/with-the-s

@dave Well, I was a Linux user from 2006 to 2020, although I also had Windows, but I decided to switch to Mac with this M1 and I could not be happier: D

@dave man, I love my Mac mini M1.. this machine is awesome...

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Moxie understands the failures of Web 3.0 mostly in the form of NFTs on ETH.

Again this leads me to believe that Hive is significantly different and our own use of podping is huge proof.


@chrislw Yeah, I think this should be resolved somehow. It is chaos.

@dave Yes, but for example, a podcaster named Tupoka Ogette, who lives in Germany, created a podcast with the name TuPodcast. If I register the name in the USA (which is not cheap), I think I also have to do it in the country where I am going to file my claim. That a normal person cannot afford.

One of the main issues in Podcasting from my point of view is that the names of Podcasts are not respected. You can go to Anchor and create a Podcast with someone else's name, and Anchor allows it. You add it to the Apple Podcast and Apple allows it. Same Spotify. And so all.

When I created my podcasting platform with the name TuPodcast (Your Podcast), no one was using that name. A Google search will show you that this is no longer the case. 😞

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