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Salutations Mortals 👽
Now, one thing about Award Winning, Multi-Platinum & Diamond Selling, South African Music Producer, Ameen Harron, is he doesn’t hold any punches on S.02 | Ch.03 | Ep.02 so make sure not to miss this one as we speak on everything from his collaboration with YoungstaCPT & NadiaJaftha to why he chose to do Music the way he does 🎧

🎥 -> instagram.com/tv/CXG_MUErAJ3/?
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If you’re using @fountain_app then you can find the by following the link below & if you’re not on any Podcasting 2.0 Apps… you can wait till the Visuals go live on my IGTV in a few hours 🤓



The Audio only version of
- S.02 | Cha.03 | Ep.02 - with South African Award Winning, Multi-Platinum & Diamond Selling, Music Producer @AmeenHarron is up & ready for your 👂🏾 So follow the link to hear it on @breez_tech right now ⚡️



Testing out the Static QR code to accept   while you’re watching the visual episode (if you’re not already streaming from Podcasting 2.0 Apps ⚡️

Feel free to drop some Sats during today’s episode with @ameenharron coming out later today 😋

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Podcasting 2.0 Episode 64: Dave's not here man -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org as we're back in the boardroom with updates on Helipad and namespace phase 4 #pew l.curry.com/fv9

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@fromthejump you definitely get points for making it SUPER CONVENIENT for people to send you sats!

Hold up!

My getumbrel Test Node, installed on a Dell Laptop, is finally up properly & I can access it smoothly 🥳

I even did the update to latest version so I can test all the amazing apps out with no fear 🦾


Gonna be back to play with this platfrom in a couple of hours... 1st I need to figure out exactly how, & if, the mobile app works 😋

Salutations Mortals 👽 & welcome the 1st post about on here.

Please fee free to follow any of the links in my bio to test out listening through any of the apps, like @breez_tech @podcastindex 🦾

Or just hit this link & choose your poison 🎥 &🎙-> linktr.ee/FromTheJump

- ’Spread the word like Wildfire 🔥 in the Bushveld' ⚠️ Not suitable for 🔞 

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