I've got some news! I created an open source library for generating Podcasting 2.0 RSS feeds.

You can check it out here:

Any feedback is appreciated :)

@adam @dave @jamescridland

@gabriel @adam @dave @jamescridland

You should include a link to your well written run-down in your posts!

So, this looks like something that someone creating a podcasting enabled CMS would integrate into their user's workflow?

@IceCubeSoup @adam @dave @jamescridland Yes, this could be used by any CMS that generates podcasts. Also, if you are Python developer it would be easy to setup a simple script to self publish your podcast using this.

@agates It really could run on Python versions lower than 3.6, but 3.5 no longer has security support and the black linter also requires 3.6, so we went with 3.6.

@gabriel Ahh, I guess it's a limitation of versioning.

Recommend switching over to Poetry if you get a chance. It's a lot better for packaging, made my life a LOT easier

@agates thanks for the tip! I was actually considering that a while ago. Will give it another look.

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