@martin to split searching for audio and video content with a checkbox or add category similar to podcasts, people, video, etc

@martin in the latest beta, no chapters show up for my latest episode. On other apps I get chapters and images. Interestingly for older episodes I already played, chapters do show up in your beta. I just updated to latest.

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Today's Sir Gene Speaks is the first in a series of interviews starting with our own Alecks Gates @agates

Thanks to all the producers, and executive producer @BrewCityMike

podcast.sirgene.com/1648795/83 @adam @dave

As many more people will be setting up their first wallets to play around with podcasting 2.0 apps... we need to help promote safety and security for these first timers who are copying and pasting numbers into fields.. NEVER paste your wallet into a website you don't know and trust... never fill an invoice you don't expect to get. eg. elongiveaways.com/doge/

Anyone here have the best contact for buzzsprout? still have not interviewed anyone there.

@stu Hey Stu - I'd like to chat with you about your server idea on my podcast. can yu DM me back!

Man if Signal adds podcasting... they will be the big gorilla instantly. I want to take a look at the crypto they are using and what APIs it has.

@dave ok got a hold of breez... now one of the last guys I've not reached out to yet is LNpay... have the right contact I should reach out to there?

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Reminds me of "if gif is pronounced jiff then json should be pronounced gayson"

Is anyone on here from Breez or anyone have a contact at breez? I've reached out to their support to get someone to interview and not heard back.

@satoshisstream Hey have I reached out to you already to do an interview? I'm doing interviews with all the podcast 2.0 devs this week and if we haven't set up a time yet would like to do it this week with you if possible. I'm in US central time and can be pretty flexible on time of day.

A very special Adam Curry edition of Sir Gene Speaks has just been uploaded! If you ever wanted to know who Adam Curry is... this will answer all your questions!


4 year old video I did with @adam for Podcaster Pro visually showing processing being donein hardware.

Damn it I missed April 1 opportunity to propose a <podcast: censored status=“Boolean” authority=“string> tag! Lol

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