Why question to all the podcast app creators on here.. has anyone added streaming sat donations since I last interviewed you? Let me know so I can mention it on the podcast!

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The latest Breez.technology release has the custom sat value input!

Streaming 1337 sats per minute is now possible! 🚀


Dear confused podcasters… I have been spending $ and testing solutions so you don’t have to. I’ll be recording some screen share video and will be putting out a podcast episode for how to do Bitcoin as a podcaster toward end of may… most of this shit is undocumented and assumed you know how to compile a kernel :) I’m going to put it all in layman terms so a podcaster that does a basketweaving podcast can still be able to do this. Includes how to get nodes, fund them cheap, and balance them!

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Podcasting 2.0 for May 7th 2021 Episode 36: Crawling Our Life Away -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org


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Guys - as I'm coming up to the last few interviews, I wanted to reach out to everyone and ask for contact info of anyone you think I missed that I should interview relating to podcasting 2.0... App dev or otherwise. Please let me know if I missed someone.

@dave hey good episode today... I have 3 more interviews in the can to roll out... BUT I still do want to have you on... promise I will look at calendar next time :)

Hey @dave maybe this is already handled by a couple of proposals, but I was listening to my interview with David Norman (bit.ly/3eqDJro), and I thought that there is a willingness with 2.0 devs to make the UX seamless regardless of app used by listener. What is needed is a metadata custodian where (is a user opts in) any 2.0 podcast can store any metadata - from current playtime to a list of subed podcasts, to a list of clips. Sort of a universal prefs for all 2.0 apps. Thoughts?

FYI on Thursday, I should have Martin's interview and on Sat David's. Will post links here.

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