A very special Adam Curry edition of Sir Gene Speaks has just been uploaded! If you ever wanted to know who Adam Curry is... this will answer all your questions!

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@genen Your bullshitting us, aren't you? 😅 There's no way that interview is some deep fake poop.
April 1 went already.

@ville ask Adam... he still hasn't come on my podcast! That’s just made of clips!

@genen So now I'm totally confused 😄.
You need to make a behind the scenes episode about this, or at least write a blog post or something.
You were talking something about deep fake voice or something.
Be as it may, if that was patched together from clips, it was really a spectacular job. So was there some filler parts generated in between? Noticed in few occasions "Adam" saying things like "You know Gene" or something. Very slick.
And I listened streaming also 😄. Seems to be popular to mention.

@genen Really enjoyed this. I've never heard some of the details @adam shared with you.

@joshuahoover @genen @adam Even if it's fake I still enjoyed it. I also streamed you (and myself!) some sats while listening :D

@joshuahoover @genen Many details were wrong, just by the way Gene asked the questions. Right up front, I would have interjected and said, no, I moved with my parents to Uganda.

Not so sure I like this, but I guess that's what I deserve for not being responsive.

@adam @joshuahoover @genen

Time to deplatform Gene!

Just joking of course. What about a future interview where you're asked the very same questions, but this time around we'll get the real answers? :)

Also, was this real audio sound-bytes, or was it deep-fake trained on real audio?

I'd love to know a bit about the process Gene. Maybe I can make a Podfriend podcast, that's hosted by Fake @dave ! ;)

@martin @adam @joshuahoover @genen Fake Dave is way more interesting than real Dave - I can promise you that. 😃

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