My proposal for embedding semantic metadata in plain content is going to enable anyone to start experimenting with the semantic web which is an offshoot of RSS. It could even be embedded in a tweet or a toot Etc chat even so that we don't have to extend the protocols on the server side we extend them on the client side

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As much as I respect and appreciate the work that is being done by professional podcasters, and I can never hope to beat or be better then most of you, they're still a window open for content to be produced and consumed by people. I am a pretty cheap person who will spend a year to save a dollar. And I think that I will be able to push through changes in the RDF & R S S consumers that will allow us to bypass the money making control over the metadata.

json ld could be much nicer to look at but still will will require code changes.

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yup the quoted rdfa is appearing in my podcast app. It is quite ugly but it could be consumed. Feed here Stream Of Random Podcast: streamofrandompodcast.wordpres a future could be prettier but this will have to do for v1

The difference between the escaped and the normal embedded rdfa is just the & that is escaped. Test cases linked and documented in the main read me I have written a blog post on the topic of embedding RDFa in your blogpost and have created my own namespace that defines erdfa:embedded and erdfa:example to wrap escaped RDAa html in your blog so that you can interpret it. This is what the escaped html would look like and this is the turtle (graph) results looks like see the tests for more info (this is still work in progress but ready to view)

you can still find my last episode on anchor because it made it to s3/ cloudfront. We discuss if hunter biden is really loki. Hillarious .

Here is a second experiment using blogger, which allows the rdfa elements to be embedded yet they get slightly munged. Now we have two blogs that we can use to host our podcasts, will do some more tests

I have not been able to add new tags to wordpress but I can add a "pre"formatted code block that contains the metadata. Here is the updated post. streamofrandompodcast.wordpres

Here is an example of an embedded "turtle" feed. streamofrandompodcast.wordpres
here again as a github gist

Wordpress strips out new tags and attributes so we are going to have to be explicit.

I will have an example decoder for this soon. rdfa seems to be the most modern version of embedding rss in html. going to whip up a prototype.

Show thread here is a link collection for embedding RDF inside of html. Going to try out some of these in wordpress. this tool will download your podcast mp3s, am going to use it for the copy podcast to archive/wordpress solution I am cobbling. here is the CLI for the internet archive. Finally python-wordpress-xmlrpc.readth to post to wordpress.

Anyone know if I can root a iPod 2 air running iOS 6 so I can install a podcast player on it?

Please excuse the stupid spelling mistakes from voice typing bad Google. Also I think I could Implement these ideas as a prototype in the antennapod open source podcatcher

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