searching for any episode or any topic to find content is one big advantage that youtube has. it is not easy

@dave can we get some better way for apps to auth users? need some advice here. keys are being published in gh...

boy. this podcast got hijacked. Software Engineering Daily: arrest Jeff Bezos immediately and bring him to the Ferry Building

This is an interesting interview by a taxi driver who interviews people and he got a guy who does podcast microphones worth a listen . Taxi Chronicles: #545 A podcast microphone specialist

I finally got deepspeech running and working to actually transcribe an episode of my podcast. It worked about 70% but I am totally happy with that. My previous instructions are located here today I just patched in one dll that was missing and it runs great. cudnn64_7.dll

So does anyone know if I can create a static website that allows you to send and receive telegram messages on a mobile phone?$/invite/@stre:4 join me on odysee the blockchain based video streaming site, use my invite link to join if you have not yet! Follow my channel.

Tip for uploading to bitchute, open your browser debug bar in CTRL+SHIFT+I, then if see a 500 error check your upload server. The server name might be with some parameters, if you see errors, try a different number like there are a bunch of servers I don't know what's going on but Japanese video sharing site where I uploaded my podcast it's getting hundreds of people watching I don't understand it but the previous video as well had 200 views does anyone have any experience with this site or know anything about it

After two warnings from mr c I have decided to setup another account on another mastadon because my non podcasting 2.0 content was triggering him. I will still work on some podcasting 2.0 smart contracts and other ideas. the stream of Random Channel I got a lifelong banned from YouTube because some troll posted pornography on my jitsi live stream now luckily my dad cross posted my latest video on YouTube just wanted to share that with you Wow, I actually edited the audio of my own podcast and transcribed 8 minutes of 20 and added shownotes. Thats hard work! finally my 3d animation demo is working, you can adjust knobs to create an endless array of different visualizations. code here . Reactjs,typescript,threejs

Podcasting 2.0 latest episode on the faucets very interesting my comment to you Adam and Dave is that the incoming stream could be a small percentage when people are listening to other podcasts they can choose to donate 1% of the rsats to the faucet and have that as a payment block encourage other people to join in it's a podcasting 2.0 basic Universal income

Are podcasts the fruits of the fungus find out more on the stream of random podcast episode today

ITM @adam!

Our #Podfather, who'd cast in heaven.
Hallowed be thy waveforms;
Thy digital kingdom come
Thy will be done;
In Gitmo #NAtion as it is in heaven.
Give us this day, our daily ear bread.
And forgive @CSB who trespasses,
As we forgive @CSB who trespasses against us.
And lead us not into the M5M;
But deliver us from hate clips.
For thine is the Digital Kingdom
The power and the glory
For ever and ever
And awomen.


Companies are trying to hide #inflation by shrinking their products, called “shrinkflation.” #NTD spoke with a few New Yorkers to hear their perspective.

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