I have now converted my entire podcast 250+ episodes so far into avi, have done test uploads to bitchute, so this version is ready to test for avi encoding. Next step is to start uploading. I am getting 4.8x conversion speed.

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Re No amount of masks, plastic partitions, arbitrary rules, vinyl floor dots, or air filters will satisfy consumers entrenched in political motivations or irrational fear

Conversely, de-restricting will lead to rational people showing up (& spending) in droves to patronize (see FL) twitter.com/AJKayWriter/status #Mises

Full-List of bots: joejoe.github.io/mastodon

t.me/StreamOfRandom we are recording live in telegram now if you want to join episode 225 of the stream of random podcast

Today's lesson in podcasting turn your volume way the hell down

I got some feedback from listeners that the sound quality is better than normal listen yourself here stream of random: STREs1e122 The White Supremacist Constitution anchor.fm/stre/episodes/STREs1

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Working on hacking gpodder to convert the mp3 to video and upload to bitchute

My experimental mobile podcast mixing station 2 phones and a microphone. just like beck its where its at.

It seems that the podcast in the world has ignored the rdf in RSS and the entire world of linked data and semantic web that has grown from it in the past 20 years I hope to bring that in carefully and methodically so we can all benefit.

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For future extension the discussion we're having over the rating is an example of that where people who have to pay for implementation want to keep it as simple as possible and keep the cost down and I as a user and an outsider want to make it as flexible as needed for the future. This dichotomy between the content creators and the content hosters I think can be resolved by splitting things up.

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Happy New Year y'all and I want to just say that we should have an open mind for the possibilities of user-defined data structures so-called ontology in the world of podcasting and not try and limit possible values to only what seems needed unnecessarily. Those Limited selections should not be hard coded in the namespace but be put into external Community generated ontologist that can change and the new space should just reference them by a URL this two-part system will leave us open

The stream of random has now been approved for Apple iPod podcast index iTunes whatever is called thank you for your courage and your patience

We are having this discussion on github about the rating tag system, on one side we have the idea that forkids/notforkids is the only binary flag we need. On the other side we have user submitted ratings and self defined rating systems. I always love more complex technology and open systems, what about you?

github.com/gpodder/gpodder/iss well one api key is comprimised already, antennapod published the api key in the source of the github.

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