Podcasting 2.0 latest episode on the faucets very interesting my comment to you Adam and Dave is that the incoming stream could be a small percentage when people are listening to other podcasts they can choose to donate 1% of the rsats to the faucet and have that as a payment block encourage other people to join in it's a podcasting 2.0 basic Universal income

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@h4ckermike Podcasting UBI. I love it! That makes my head swirl with ideas.

@dave what if you could configure your client to receive SATs not only send them so maybe someone can throw a round of drinks and I pay everyone who's listening a couple of satoshi's

@dave maybe it's like a boost back that the podcaster can push and and it will send SATs satoshi's to all the people who are currently listening as a way to incentivize them to listen to the whole show

@h4ckermike Or a random listener. Like a call in prize on a radio show.

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