Celebrating 300 episodes of random noise today anchor dot fm slash stre

I wrote to Anchor about some of the podcasts that were shadowbanned and now they cleaned it up supposedly

This is the image for the super Prime episode of 277 in the most random stream of chaos that you ordered

A graph of the ratio of episodes per day, 660- podcasts produce more than one episode a day and are live every day. Another 1500 are producing less than 2 a day

I have now converted my entire podcast 250+ episodes so far into avi, have done test uploads to bitchute, so this version is ready to test for avi encoding. Next step is to start uploading. I am getting 4.8x conversion speed.

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Today's lesson in podcasting turn your volume way the hell down

My experimental mobile podcast mixing station 2 phones and a microphone. just like beck its where its at.

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