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The stream of random has now been approved for Apple iPod podcast index iTunes whatever is called thank you for your courage and your patience

I compiled my own version of antennapod from git and installed it on my Android using a USB cable and look you can search the podcast index in there and find the stream of Random

I found a way to encode all the metadata about a podcast episode in an image that you encode the Json LD linked data in a URL and put that in a QR code

An original escher signed and Self printed. my childhood dream came true today.

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Just bumped into the largest collector of Escher works in the world they got a hand signed book of his an invitation to the exhibition

At minute 20 23 of podcasting 2.0 episode 13 I have these comments to add

json ld could be much nicer to look at but still will will require code changes.

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yup the quoted rdfa is appearing in my podcast app. It is quite ugly but it could be consumed. Feed here Stream Of Random Podcast: streamofrandompodcast.wordpres a future could be prettier but this will have to do for v1

The difference between the escaped and the normal embedded rdfa is just the & that is escaped. Test cases linked and documented in the main read me

Using a search function on the web API it does show the latest episode so it must be a glitch in the pod verse. It would be nice 2 have a way to bookmark the search results and share them so that might be a feature that I myself could actually help with

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I was very happy to see that the stream of Random torture cast is available on pod verse my wife even said she was listening to it there I'm really thankful for everything that this team has done make that happen. Thank you for your service and your courage. The only thing that's funny is that is a couple of days out of date I wonder if pod verse polls the feed itself or uses the index I need to check

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