I have now converted my entire podcast 250+ episodes so far into avi, have done test uploads to bitchute, so this version is ready to test for avi encoding. Next step is to start uploading. I am getting 4.8x conversion speed.

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Re No amount of masks, plastic partitions, arbitrary rules, vinyl floor dots, or air filters will satisfy consumers entrenched in political motivations or irrational fear

Conversely, de-restricting will lead to rational people showing up (& spending) in droves to patronize (see FL) twitter.com/AJKayWriter/status #Mises

Full-List of bots: joejoe.github.io/mastodon

t.me/StreamOfRandom we are recording live in telegram now if you want to join episode 225 of the stream of random podcast

Today's lesson in podcasting turn your volume way the hell down

@chrislw yeah I wouldn't be opening up tours to the public from home we're going to need some other alternatives for that

@chrislw considering what is going on, I would say build your own infrastructure and dont use anyone elses, see my notes here gitlab.com/jmikedupont2/thepri

@brianoflondon bitchute.com/video/jSYkFpMLAWo this video was produced by the script, but not uploaded. The ffmpeg is running very slow on WSL/windows 10, going to have to port it to docker maybe. Now to get the actual uploading working.

I got some feedback from listeners that the sound quality is better than normal listen yourself here stream of random: STREs1e122 The White Supremacist Constitution anchor.fm/stre/episodes/STREs1

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Working on hacking gpodder to convert the mp3 to video and upload to bitchute

My experimental mobile podcast mixing station 2 phones and a microphone. just like beck its where its at.

@h4890 it is not my service, I just found it. Do you want to try?

@h4890 I think this is a very good question and will think about it. check out cabal.chat/ it is a p2p distributed chat

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