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I think that we can convert a podcast feed containing a payment block into a smart contract directly if we had some kind of statement of authority and ownership of that source. We really just need someone to sign cryptographically sign the podcast feed for the checksum and then we can convert that into a smart contract directly so the users can send the money to the smart contract and check that the smart contract implements the RSS feed

@h4ckermike I believe in CC. I was the first to take a CC case to court and won.

The free talk live rss feed license says :
Do what you want, we don't believe "intellectual property".

I wonder how people who belive so strongly in private property dont belive in copyright?
This is a long standing question in the open source/free software community. How can you have a creative commons license if you don't have copyright and property rights to protect it?


It looks like I might have made a mistake and introduced those zeros myself, am double checking this! Thanks for your interest! I applied my modulo visualization to PI and got some amazing results, the color contrast still needs work but some amazing patterns are emerging in there!

Today's episode of the streams of the randoms ties together the random streams into one bundle of consciousness

Latest math experiment, looking at the 1/largest known prime digit by digit visualized.

I installed Spotify Green Room recording studio today it's a beta free quote free recording app they can post to Anchor if anyone wants to try recording with me let me know and yes I know it's evil

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